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we have a new driver in the house!!!

Damon took his driving test today, and the state seems to think it’s time. I guess I have to agree, he is a pretty good driver. Way to go Damon.


4 thoughts on “we have a new driver in the house!!!”

  1. Congrats Damon!

    I remember my first driver’s license, the day I got it I caved in the passenger side of my Dad’s rent a car backing out of the driveway.. I remember my first fake driver’s license as well but that’s a story for another time..

    Have fun and drive safe…


  2. Hey Marla- Is that a stab at me? you know there’s nothing wrong with taking it 3 times. They just thought I was so hot they wanted me to come back several times and see them.

    Congrats Damon!


  3. Thank you all! I’m very glad I got my license. By the way, I barely passed the test with an 82 percent. So, uncle David, don’t feel bad that you had to take it three times 😛 Just kidding, I’m not really one to talk.


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