All About Color

Have you been thinking about a group or family portrait and you are having a difficult time choosing clothing for everyone to wear? If you’re looking to go beyond the usual black, white, and kaki, try choosing outfits according to a color pallet that fits your personality! A color pallet is a collection of colors that are complimentary to each other and can even invoke a mood or feeling. Warmth, cheery, breezy, contemporary, or blissful!

Color pallets can be chosen by looking to a scene in nature or found on a cereal box. Look to some of your favorite things from around your home and you will probably find that they begin to represent a color pallet that you tend to lean towards. My colors change frequently, currently I find myself surrounded by blues, creams, and browns with a splash of bright orange.

As with everything else, color help is only a click away! Several website are available that are solely dedicated to color pallets for the design industry. Many of them use the current marketing trends to design pallets. You can browse through any of these sites for inspiration.

Once you find a color pallet or collection that compliments your style, try to incorporate those colors into your wardrobe for your photo session. Don’t get to worried about matching exactly, just remember to use the pallet as an inspiration.



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