Blooms of Hope

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This January I attended a photography convention in Phoenix Arizona. One of the resounding themes of the week was “giving back”. I sat and listened to several speakers like Anne Geddes and Sarah Petty tell about the rewards of giving back to their community.  I had been rolling Ideas around since that week but nothing seemed to fit.

Last week I received a letter in the mail from a Battered Women’s Shelter in Lees Summit. We are on their donation request list, but I had not seen anything from them in a while. This letter was a request for baby items. It seems that they have 8 expecting mothers in their shelter this month and were in need of baby items to better prepare the new mothers. On the letter was a beautiful image of an expecting mother. I could not help but think that each one of these mothers deserve the same joyful memory of their pregnancy.

I am currently  working with Hope House to see if we can provide services. Our main goal is to provide the women with personal and artful portraits of their children and themselves – shine a little light on an otherwise dark situation.

In an effort to support this project and make it a continuing process I am going to sell limited edition floral images. All of the proceeds from the sale of the prints will be set aside for the Blooms of Hope project. The funds will be used to cover the cost of prints, mats, frames and canvases. All of the services will be donated at no charge. Any funds raised over the cost of goods would be given as a cash donation to Hope House.

Hair and make-up stylists!!! We are looking for stylists to donate their services for the day of the portrait session.

UCM Photography Students!!! I would love to offer the work of other photographers in the Blooms of Hope Program. I am looking for a series of 3 floral images. The three images would be sold as a collection. You would be responsible for selecting the matt, frame and style of your collection. All you will get in return is photo credit and a warm fuzzy feeling. If you are interested in donating your images please contact me.

Anna Dougherty




Check back soon to see how you can order your Blooms of  Hope Prints!

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