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Bunny Ears

Chained myself to the desk today. I have tons of files to process, back up, edit, bla bla bla – all the behind the scenes photography stuff that you don’t want to hear about. It’s not all artsy fartsy fun. Apparently Uncle Sam expects me to keep records and stuff, geeesh.  So a few hundred hours have passed and my eyes are starting to wig out on me a little, I decide to head outside for some sunshine.  No sunshine today though, just some August clouds and the murmur of rain.  Excellent time to grab my painted yellow chair, which is a refinishing idea gone horribly wrong,  look out at the sky and taste some fresh air.

Sitting still never seems to work out in my favor, I am easily bored and distracted. My garage, not unlike my fathers, is filled with interesting and completely worthless items that have no other home. A purgatory for the things that we know are eventually going to the great recycling center in the sky (or down the road by the railroad tracks).  As I start to straighten up my workbench and look through some boxes I find a pair of pink and white furry bunny ears.  So, of course I put them on my head and continue to clean the garage, which really means just look in boxes and wonder “where the hell did that come from”.  Fifteen minutes of cleaning and am I back sitting in my yellow paint splattered chair watching the sky from the open garage door. Two neighbors have walked by, smiled and waved an obviously distressed greeting. Is our grass getting long? Is the dog out terrorizing the neighbor kids? On no….., it’s me. I forgot about the furry bunny ears. I am sitting in my school bus yellow chair with pink and white furry bunny ears waving at the neighbors. They should be forming a neighborhood watch meeting right about now.

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