Make Over

It’s time, I know it is. Time to part with the old VHS tapes. It is so hard to see them go, they were such a huge part of our lives. While walking through Best Buy and looking over the Blu Ray and DVD movies, it was  so clear that hanging on to my old Disney Flicks was like hanging on to 8-tracks. So I did the deed and boxed them up for charity along with several bags of clothes and other items.

While I was in a purging mood I gave each of my kids two large trash bags. I asked them to fill one up with things to throw away and the other with things to give away. My plan was to clear a little each week. Silly me, and my silly plans. Plans are for suckers! Meg took the two bags and went to town. She cleared out masses of old toys and clothes, then went back for more bags. I stayed to help her sort through the mass of inventory that has been residing in her walk in closet. It’s not a huge closet, but it can hold an amazing amount of stuff. As the stuff went flying we realized it was time for a closet make over. This is how I get sucked into things. I love the idea! What started as clearing out a drawer of VHS tapes has turned into a full on closet make over, including a crystal chandelier. Check back soon to see the finished project.

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