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Polaroid Transfer Process – 1st try

“If you have not failed lately, you have not tried hard enough”

It  started with some late night internet reading and chatting with fellow photogs. I have seen Polaroid transfers and read about them, but never had the opportunity to try it myself. I do love to read about photography, but nothing can replace getting your hands on the process. The transfer process is so special because every print is an original. Shortly after reading about it I was walking through a thrift store and spotted this Polaroid Land Camera. It seemed to be in good shape, including the original manual. Even if it was not functioning, it was a beautiful piece of history. With camera in hand the hunt was on for film, paper, and the time to set aside just for a little fun.

With all the supplies gathered I started the process. My first run came out completely black. After experimenting with developing  times I realized that the problem must be in the camera. I am assuming that the battery is not functioning and allowing for the correct exposure. After digging through the trash to retrieve the old battery, I am off to Radio Shack to find a match.

Although my first attempt ended in failure and an eclectic use of the english language I enjoyed every bit of it.

I learned.

Learned to slow down a bit the next time. Learned to  take the time to find the right battery. No matter how much you want something to fit, sometimes it just doesn’t.

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