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The Falcons

So this morning, yes morning, I woke up early enough to beat the June heat and take Bella to the dog park. We made it two whole times around before the foam and drool coming from her mouth was starting to scatter the humans. She loves every minute at the park, but the Newfie is just not make for running in the humid Missouri summers. We loaded back into the car and went for a small joy ride in the air conditioning of the Honda. Our ride took us through and industrial park to make a u-turn. While pulling through the parking lot I noticed a bird in the tiny three foot tree as we passed. I paused, it was a falcon. I had not seen one in years. I put the car in reverse to get a closer look. Such a beautiful bird and me without my camera. As we pulled closer I noticed that there were three falcons. They didn’t seem to mind me a bit, only a few feet away. Bella and I just watched as they hopped from the small tree to a stack of pallets and back. Maybe Bella was too hot and tired to care or just as struck by them, but she didn’t make a sound. Such a nice morning surprise. I went home and googled them to double check the species and ran across an interesting webfact { Falcon is considered a good omen, ‘ A Light that Shines in the Darkness’}

A Light in the Darkness, Love it! Three falcons, I guess this means I have two good omens to share. I will be taking applications online and I can be bought with doughnuts.

The proceeding image was taken later the same day. I don’t think it needs words.

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