Hair, Makeup, and More ~ Tips for Your Photoshoot


Hair ~

Keep it loose. When your photo-shoot is outside you will want your hair to move. Too much hairspray on the top layer will just get messy and tangled as you move around. Whether you wear it straight or curly it’s best to spray individual sections before you set them with heat. After they cool down you can gently run a soft brush through. To combat fly-aways professional hair dressers recommend that you wash your hair the night before. Washing the night before works best for fuller heads of hair. I’m a thin haired girl and know this can flatten my hair too much.

Make-up ~

I suggest that you get your make-up professionally done. The make-up counters at Macy’s, Nordstrom, & Vonmar do a great job and most are free or require a minimal purchase. If you do purchase something I recommend the lip gloss, it’s great to have with you for touch ups throughout the day. Wherever you go for make-up, please remember to avoid glitter and shimmer on your face. Glitter does not photograph well. It can end up looking like dust spots or sweat in an image. Most bronzers also contain shimmer. Try to look for matt powders and foundations. Mineral powder make-up does not photograph well, it gives off very uneven shadows on the face.

Outfits ~ Clean and Pressed!

The Rules about clothing and portraits: busy patterns, logos, and stripes will draw attention away from your face. Solid colors, longs sleeves, and simple styles with help to create a timeless image.

All that being said, this is your photo shoot and should reflect your style. Wear what you love and what makes you feel like you! I love working with colors and patterns and making them part of your images. I do recommend at least one neutral outfit, and by neutral I mean black or dark grey. It is nice to have a few classic images.

Don’t forget the details – class ring, jewelry, shoes,  hats, anything that you would like to incorporate into your shoot.

I recommend that you bring about 6 outfits for each hour that we will be shooting. We may not get to all of the outfits but it is great to have the choices available.

Nails ~

Please have a close look at your toes and fingers. Make sure they are both neat and clean for your pictures. I highly recommend a neutral polish, or none at all. We will be changing outfits and not all colors will compliment each other. French, clear, or Nude finishes are your best choices.

Bring out the Whites! ~

Eye drops and teeth whitening strips can go a long way to brighten your session. Location shoots can get windy and dusty and using eye drops the day of your shoot will help keep your eyes bright.

Blemishes ~

We all get them at one time or another. You might wake up to find the they have decided to pay you a visit the day of our photoshoot. Don’t worry! Removing basic blemishes are included in your retouching services. Try not to irritate them, a small bump is easier to remove than a large red area.

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