What to expect at your Viewing

What to expect at your Viewing/Ordering session

Knowing what to do with all of your favorite images can be overwhelming. Clients are welcomed to schedule an in-person Ordering Session. We take our time going through your images and looking over samples to find the best fit for your family.

You will have the opportunity to view product samples and discuss your purchase offerings.

We will view a slideshow of proof images and design samples.

  • Proof images are the individual images from your photo shoot that have had some basic editing. The number of images will vary based on your shoot, but I do my best to get it down to a manageable number, removing any duplicates, blinking, etc.
  • Design samples are digital mock-ups of cards, albums, and photo stories using your images. If you choose to purchase any designed products you will have the opportunity to make edits at our ordering session.

After a quick slide show we will go through your proofs individually to select your favorites. From your selection we will fill your order with prints, canvases, books, digital files, etc. As a small boutique photographer my goal is to provide each client with a personal experience and custom products that fit your lifestyle.


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