Garden Gifts

Living in the city has been as lively as I had hoped. Four years ago, I moved to the heart of St. Louis City with my S/O Pierre. We love the constant buzz of energy and activity around us, even if we choose to veg on the couch. We are only a short walk away from tasty ethnic local food and friendly wine sharing neighbors. In contrast to the buzz, sirens, and noise of the city is my own little garden sanctuary.

This month’s gift from our city garden is ripe peaches from our first peach tree. I was not sure what to expect or when we should pick them, so we took our time looking them over each day. Picking a few early to ripen on the windowsill, and letting some stay on the tree until they fall off on their own. My final verdict is to check them each day and give them a gentle tug. If they want to come with me, they easily release from their home in our front yard. If they resist they get to stay and enjoy the view another day or so.


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