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Meet Parker, our featured class of 2018 senior rep. First I have to mention how much I dig her name, Parker Masterson. I feel like I could be a scientist or a bond villain with a name like that, love it! Parker started her shoot in Missouri Botanical Garden and the surrounding area of Towergrove park. I love this part of the city, and it’s in my neighborhood so I’m a little biased. If you haven’t been in a while I suggest you add it to your summer to do list. We were lucky to find the dogwoods lining the park paths in full bloom. Spending the day with Parker was such a treat for me, her energy is contagious.  


The 9 image photo story has a new look. This design creates a clean and modern feel to one of our most popular products. The finished product is a ready to hang 19×23 piece in spanish walnut wood frame. Additional finishes and sizes are always available by request.

Vacation Photos!

I recently returned from my yearly trip to Belgium to visit with family and friends. On this visit we took a little side trip to Amsterdam. Amsterdam was much bigger and busier than I had imagined. The bike paths take priority and the cyclists ride with daredevil speeds. I didn’t dare try to ride a bike through town as I am fairly sure I would have crashed the first day. There were a few close calls just walking. The shops and cafes are welcoming and eclectic. I came home with some tulip bulbs for the garden and goals of overflowing geraniums in my window boxes. You are welcome to click the image below for a short video of images from my trip.
september special
$50 Print Credit with a 2 hour Senior Weekday Session. Discount is valid Monday – Friday, September 2017.

Choose the location of your choice, with unlimited outfits.

After your photo shoot purchase the prints and products that fit your needs.

Use the code SCHOOL50, and the credit will be applied to your account.

Weekend sessions are available at regular price.

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Tell me what you really think!

I have created an anonymous feedback form for anyone to make suggestions. I would love to hear from you. This intended to help me improve my services, so be as brutally honest as you can. I promise I can take it. Your feedback and suggestions are important to me.  I like to take a little time each year and reflect. How can I improve, What am I doing that works? Stuff like that. I am my own boss, which I love, but someone has to keep me in check.

Give anonymous feedback at Suggestion Ox


July KC Dates and Specials



2 hour Senior Session regularly $175 Now $87.50

Select KC Dates   –   July 13th, 14th, and 15th

Location of your choice with unlimited outfit changes. Discount may only be used for July sessions, limited spaces available.



Have Questions? I am happy to answer any questions about your senior session. Use the web contact form or call 816.665.4921  You can also have a look at the online brochure. It contains pricing information and answers to frequently asked questions.


June Special ~ 50% Off Weekday Sessions




2 hour Senior Session regularly $175 Now $87.50 Monday – Friday in June

Location of your choice with unlimited outfit changes

Discount may only be used for June sessions, limited spaces available. Saturday and Sunday session are still available at the regular price.


Have Questions? I am happy to answer any questions about your senior session. Use the web contact form or call 816.665.4921  You can also have a look at the online brochure. It contains pricing information and answers to frequently asked questions.


Hair, Makeup, and More ~ Tips for Your Photoshoot


Hair ~

Keep it loose. When your photo-shoot is outside you will want your hair to move. Too much hairspray on the top layer will just get messy and tangled as you move around. Whether you wear it straight or curly it’s best to spray individual sections before you set them with heat. After they cool down you can gently run a soft brush through. To combat fly-aways professional hair dressers recommend that you wash your hair the night before. Washing the night before works best for fuller heads of hair. I’m a thin haired girl and know this can flatten my hair too much.

Make-up ~

I suggest that you get your make-up professionally done. The make-up counters at Macy’s, Nordstrom, & Vonmar do a great job and most are free or require a minimal purchase. If you do purchase something I recommend the lip gloss, it’s great to have with you for touch ups throughout the day. Wherever you go for make-up, please remember to avoid glitter and shimmer on your face. Glitter does not photograph well. It can end up looking like dust spots or sweat in an image. Most bronzers also contain shimmer. Try to look for matt powders and foundations. Mineral powder make-up does not photograph well, it gives off very uneven shadows on the face.

Outfits ~ Clean and Pressed!

The Rules about clothing and portraits: busy patterns, logos, and stripes will draw attention away from your face. Solid colors, longs sleeves, and simple styles with help to create a timeless image.

All that being said, this is your photo shoot and should reflect your style. Wear what you love and what makes you feel like you! I love working with colors and patterns and making them part of your images. I do recommend at least one neutral outfit, and by neutral I mean black or dark grey. It is nice to have a few classic images.

Don’t forget the details – class ring, jewelry, shoes,  hats, anything that you would like to incorporate into your shoot.

I recommend that you bring about 6 outfits for each hour that we will be shooting. We may not get to all of the outfits but it is great to have the choices available.

Nails ~

Please have a close look at your toes and fingers. Make sure they are both neat and clean for your pictures. I highly recommend a neutral polish, or none at all. We will be changing outfits and not all colors will compliment each other. French, clear, or Nude finishes are your best choices.

Bring out the Whites! ~

Eye drops and teeth whitening strips can go a long way to brighten your session. Location shoots can get windy and dusty and using eye drops the day of your shoot will help keep your eyes bright.

Blemishes ~

We all get them at one time or another. You might wake up to find the they have decided to pay you a visit the day of our photoshoot. Don’t worry! Removing basic blemishes are included in your retouching services. Try not to irritate them, a small bump is easier to remove than a large red area.